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DOW - Tigershark - SeaClan by MistDapple DOW - Tigershark - SeaClan by MistDapple
:icondow-seaclan: ~ :icondawn-of-warriors: ~ :icondow-seaclan:
(( Update: Changed his ref~! :D ))


General Info

{Name} Tigerkit, - Tigerpaw, - Tigershark

{Nickname} Shark Bait ((ooh-ha-ha~!))

{Age} 28 moons

{Gender} Male

{Orientation} Bisexual

{Mate} None yet~

{Breed} Aegean Cat

Clan Info

{Clan} "SeaClan, baby~"

{Rank} Deputy

{Apprentice} n/a


| Easygoing | | Cheeky | | Laid-back | | Sarcastic | | Tease | | Protective | | Comforting |

"Hey, how's it goin'? *smirks* The name's Tigershark~"
Nobody would really expect such a friendly greeting from this guy. But hey, Tigershark might be the perfect example of "don't judge a book by its cover." Despite his threatening looks and, well, yeah the well as his size...he can be quite the tom! Tigershark is pretty chill to be honest, usually found relaxing in the sand somewhere, gazing at the horizon. He loves to hang by the beach, whether during the day or at night, which is partially the reason why his favorite color is blue. Buuut that's getting off topic. Even though he can have a cool demeanor, this definitely doesn't mean that he likes to be on his own all the time. In fact, its pretty much the opposite.

*snorts* "Heh. Yeah suuure. And my pop was part dolphin."
Shark Bait is socially confident. He loves to chat, making the most awkward situations into something that you could look back at and laugh about. And to be honest, he tends to tease others whenever he gets the chance. He especially enjoys a good prank, not really caring if he's on the recieving end or not. All he's really interested in is being part of it, and laughing it out with others at the end of it. But hey, this doesn't mean he won't get ya back~! In fact, he's probably already planning a prank on you by the time ya let out your first laugh. So you better prepare yourself before planning to trick him. Other than that, it's all good! Due to his laid-back personality, he's not that big of a grudge-holder, but if you do manage to get on his bad side...well, this will reveal the more aggressive, yet protective side of him.

"Woah there, it's alright... *pulls closer* I got ya..."
After making some friends that he can consider as "close," Tigershark is definitely going to try his best to protect them from getting hurt physically, and even mentally. He isn't overly-protective to the point where he's constantly following you though. He's more like the kind of tom who would give you a shoulder to lean on, or hold you close when you're feeling down. He hates seeing his friends hurt, and if he ever catches a cat hurting someone else while he's there, don't expect him to just stand there and take it in. He'll threaten, snap back, curse, and heck, he'll even start a fight if it means teaching them a lesson. And its not like he's just going to attack them for a short amount of time. Ohh no. He'll keep going untill he feels you've learned your lesson, or if someone is there to break things up. Thankfully though, it takes a lot to make this easygoing tom angry. So hey, don't worry about it too much! You won't really see this aggressive side of him too often.


{First Glance} Tigershark is a fairly-muscled tom with large paws, broad shoulders, and short, spiky gray fur. He has a series of dark gray tabby stripes throughout his pelt, and a stripe that goes down his spine which stops near the base of his tail. Sand-colored patches of fur can be found under his stripes, while patches of white cover his legs, muzzle, and belly. He earned his name because of his tiger-like stripes, and because of the clump of fur on his neck that sticks up like a fin.

{Build} For a cat his age Tigershark is actually pretty well-built, with broad shoulders, large paws, and strong legs for good measure. His frame is pretty sleek, yet at the same time sturdy, and with short fur and a glossy pelt its pretty obvious that this tabby was made for being in the water.

{Height} Shark bait is pretty much one of the several warriors in his clan who are actually average in height. But compared to rest of his clan, who are well-known for their...ah, shorter sizes, he can seem pretty tall depending on who he is talking to. But hey, who said that he was complaining?

{Scars} A fairly large scar on the left side of his neck, as well as a torn ear.

{Scent} Fresh scent of ocean air; fairly-common for a SeaClanner.

{Voice} Bradley Cooper - Actor

{Accent} American


Strengths | Strong Swimmer | | Tactical Skills | | Skilled Fighter |

Weaknesses | Soft Paw Pads | | Grace | | Coconuts |

{Power} ★★★★☆
{Speed} ★★★☆☆
{Grace} ★★☆☆☆
{Endurance} ★★★★★
{Accuracy} ★★★★☆

{Eyesight} ★★★★☆
{Hearing} ★★★☆☆
{Smell} ★★★☆☆
{Stealth} ★★☆☆☆
{Tactics} ★★★★☆


:bulletyellow: = Curious || :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Finds Interesting
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance || :bulletblue::bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Great Friend || :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Close Friend
:bulletorange: = Respects || :bulletorange::bulletorange: = Role Model
:bulletpurple: = Family || :bulletpurple::bulletpurple: = Related To
:bulletpink: = Crush || :bulletpink::bulletpink: = Attraction
:bulletred: = Love || :bulletred::bulletred: = Mate
:bulletblack: = Dislikes || :bulletblack::bulletblack: = Hates
:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty || :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: = Finds Boring

Aspenstar | Female | SeaClan | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletorange: | Aspenguin 
Aspenstar...your time as leader was probably the best seasons this Clan had ever experienced. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you during that shark attack...and I'm sorry that I wasn't there when SeaClan needed me. I'm sure Tidestar will make an excellent leader though, and will follow deeply in your pawsteps. *bows head respectfully*

Tidestar | Female | SeaClan | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue::bulletblue: :bulletorange: | rainbowkitty202 
The newly made Tidestar. *grins* Also the most recent expecting queen in the clan. I'm very happy to hear that she and Fallowcreek will be having their own little family soon. *smiles warmly* I'm sure the little fuzzballs will be the life of the nursery for a few moons, haha~ And guess who they get to call uncle? *winks*

Sparrowflight | Female | SeaClan | :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue::bulletblue: | Demonstori
Ah, Lil' Bird as I like to call her~ I have to admit that we got off on the wrong paw at first. My mistake to play a prank on her! But after we got through that mess, we were actually able to open up to each other a little. *grins* She may look like a grump, but she's actually a tough she-cat with a warm heart. *chuckles* I'm very glad that I'm able to call her my friend, and believe me when I say I'm looking forward to chatting with her again~

Fallowcreek | Male | SeaClan | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue: | Aspenguin
Hey, thanks for keeping my spot warm for me, yeah? This guy right here is the one that became deputy in my absence. *winks* He's a pretty cool tom, as well as the mate to Tidestar. I don't know him so well, but I have a slight feeling that he doesn't like the way I take care of things haha. *chuckles and shrugs innocently* Can't win 'em all I suppose.

Sweetsong | Female | SeaClan | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue::bulletblue: | napqins
Heh, this little sweetheart? She seems pretty cool to be honest. We had a lot of fun racing and fishing and whatnot, and she even helped with spotting a good-sized coconut! But the one thing that shocks me about Sweetsong...innocent little Sweetsong...IS THAT SHE DOESN'T LIKE COCONUTS! I mean- dang. That hurts. How can you be a SeaClanner without liking coconuts?? *sighs then grins* Ah well. More for me I guess~

Thrushleap | Male | NightClan | :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | rainwolfeh

Flowerfur | Female | NightClan | :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: :bulletblue: | ScarfedStorm

Frecklekit | Female | SeaClan | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | rainbowkitty202

Additional Info


-Climbing Trees
-Goofing Off


-Falling Coconuts*
-Cold weather 
-Pesky Seagulls
-Taste of Saltwater

Roleplay Tracker

DOW Roleplay Tracker


Art (c) MistDapple
Tigershark (c) MistDapple
DOW (c) SenseiRain2604
App Sheet (c) sparkeythehamster

Please Do Not Copy, Trace, Recolor, or Steal in Any Way
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ScarfedStorm Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
We should RP again sometime~ Perhaps with Dewstripe or Pearlfleck... Or maybe even Marigoldkit this time ^^
I don't mind if you are busy and don't have time, just thought if ask~!
OneDappledAcorn Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rp with UrchinWhisker? 
Haiwaii Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Dear Tigershark,

Redstripe wants to invite you to become the next Beauty Queen/King!
Signing up is simple, and you can find all the info here;…

Hope to see you in the competition~
LiL-Lolah Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
I love the look/design of your cat <3 
MistDapple Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaa thanks so much~! ; u ;
LiL-Lolah Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Aaaaa you're so welcome .w.
ScarfedStorm Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Wow. Your application is a lot neater than mine T^T
My application for Flowerfur is a mess
MistDapple Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
asdfghjkl;' all I did was copy and paste his pic from the old app ; w ;
I also fixed the lineart on the full body base because I was having some trouble with it ^^''

So that's why it looks a little more pixelated.

And stop, I love the way you did her app man~! <3
So many pretty colors for a pretty kitty ; u ;
ScarfedStorm Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
I should probably fix the pelt chart thing. It didn't really work for me either ^^'

I just feel like everything is kinda
everywhere |D
But that's just my opinion hehe
SpitfiresOnIce Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This character is so pretty!
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